Halal Food Restaurant


Halal Food Restaurant is located at Heart of Kathmandu. This is newly open inside of Halal food restaurant on 5th floor and Garden environment with elevator service. The halal food restaurant can cover 30-40 people at once. People can celebrate their birthday party or any official or nonofficial party. and for booking www.hotelnepaltara.com. Specially the Halal food restaurant offer Malaysian & Indonesian but also serve Typical Nepali and Indian cuisine. the view from the Halal food restaurant is amazing, people can enjoy the scenery of Kathmandu valley so come and join  halal food restaurant for Malaysian and Indonesian cuisine with ambience.

A cool and friendly halal food restaurant


 Friendly environment

A friendly and cool place on the central of Thamel. The halal food restaurant is trying to offer something new peace environment tourist standard Halal food restaurant options. There are lots of fresh choices like Nasi goreng, Seafood, fruits, Nepali Thali set many more… at Halal food restaurant in Thamel.



Nasi Goreng is just an exotic name for Fried Rice…so we hear! But it is amazing how the flavor is different for other Fried Rice. We love the fact that it can easily be made vegetarian or non-vegetarian. Traditionally, they do add Shrimp Paste to the dish but at my request to halal food restaurant`s Chef Diya showed me how it can so easily be transformed into a vegetarian dish. Thanks again halal food restaurant`s Chef for allowing us into your kitchen!

Process of making nasi goreng

Prepare all the ingredients and keep aside. 2. In a wok-style pan, heat the Oil and add in the Butter and allow it to melt. 3. While it is still melting, add in the minced Garlic. 4. Add in the Chicken and cook till the Chicken Strips are white in color. 5. Add in the beaten Egg. Stir and cook. 6. Add in cooked and cold Rice. Mix and allow the Rice to heat up. 7. Season with Salt and Black Pepper. 8. Add in Sweet Indonesian Soy Sauce, and mix till there is no white Rice to be seen. 9. Add in the Vegetables and Tofu and mix well till everything is incorporated well. 10. Add in Homemade Sambal and give it one final mix. 11. Remove from flame and plate as desired. 12. In a small skillet, heat a tsp of Oil. 13. Break an Egg and cook as you would a fried egg. 14. Once done, season with Salt and Red Chili Powder. 15. Plate on the Nasi Goreng and serve. Tips: 1. Substitute Soy Sauce + Sugar for Sweet Indonesian Soy Sauce. 2. Leave out the chicken if you are a vegetarian. 3. Leave out the Eggs if you do not eat Eggs. 4. Substitute Chicken, Shrimps or any other kinds of meat. So come and enjoy  in halal food restaurant in thamel. www.hotelnepaltara.com.